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FundingTree is the first platform that will bring Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology & Smart Contracts into Commercial Real Estate transactions and all participants into a Single Delivery shared platform to deliver Funding Solutions like never before.

Authenticating Documents From Origination To Funding & Beyond Will Become The New Standard

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“Block Chain technology will change how people do business in the same way Internet changed communications .”


“The Blockchain could change…..Everything.”

Goldman Sachs

IBM on Blockchain

Deloitte on Blockchain

Blockchain Potential

FundingTree's Founder talks about Blockchain at Crowd Invest Summit

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Commercial Real Estate funding is long overdue for a major disruption. Traditional bank finance, debt placement is archaic and highly inefficient. FundingTree is spearheading a transformation with like minded collaborators and visionaries to instigate major change and disruption.

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