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Direct Funding Partnerships Pioneering A New Age In Funding!

FundingTree is the first platform that uses Smart Technology, Ai, Machine Learning & Matching Algorithms to align transactions data with the highest probability match Funding Solutions from its  database of Commercial Lending & Equity providers, to deliver Funding Solutions like never before.

Permanent Funding

Permanent Fixed Rate Funds are available on stabilized income producing properties on most assets types being refinanced or purchased.

Permanant Funding

Permanent Fixed Rate are available Nationwide with 3,5,7 or 10 Year Terms. Funding available as recourse or non-recourse. Rates range from Bank to Non-Bank 6-12%.

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Bridge Funding

Bridge Funding is available on most assets types and scenarios including ground up construction, value add & re-Hab


Bridge Funding rates range from 7-12% on 2-5 years interest only. Bridge Funding is available on most assets including purchase, value add & ground up construction.

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Private Equity

Private Equity can be arranged via our investment banking partners as part of the full capital stack with sponsor commitment of a minimum 10% of equity


Private Equity is available as preferred equity or joint venture. A minimum of 10% equity is required to come from sponsor.

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Funding Assets $1 Million to $100 Million

FundingTree’s direct funding partnerships means that you are not limited to a single direct funding solution. Multiple direct funding partners are able to offer the Full Capital Stack for most assets types and loan amounts.

Authenticating Documents From Origination To Funding & Beyond Will Become The New Standard

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“Block Chain technology will change how people do business in the same way Internet changed communications .”


“The Blockchain could change…..Everything.”

Goldman Sachs

Partnerships & Collaborations are embedded in our DNA

Commercial Real Estate funding is long overdue for a major disruption. Traditional bank finance, debt placement is archaic and highly inefficient. FundingTree is spearheading a transformation with like minded collaborators and visionaries to instigate major change and disruption.

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